The Background

The story of the ‘Chapel’ began in the early days of the township of Naracoorte, built as the home of the Church of Christ congregation.


The infant congregation was established by the Reverend H.P.  Leng of the Kaniva Church in 1905. ‘House meetings’ of what was considered the ‘beginnings of the congregation’ are recorded as early as 1873, however they had ceased at some point over the following 30 years. 

Rev Leng made a visit to Naracoorte in the early months of 1905 and had found some 15 members who desired the resumption of services. A first tent mission was established on August 6 of that year. The tent was erected on a vacant lot in Smith Street and the mission went for 6 weeks. It was said  that ‘Mr Leng quickly attracted large audiences with the aid of bright singing and cordial Christianity’ (March 9th 1906, Naracoorte Herald)

After the first tent mission, the newly formed church began renting the Oddfellows Hall for regular weekly services with a congregation that was now 45 members. The congregation earnestly desired a place of their own to worship within. 

1873 - 1905