IMPORTANT - 'COVID-19 information about your wedding photography booking'

WOW, what a crazy, crazy year we’re having. It's just so full on and I can only imagine the frustration each and every one of you have felt at times in the lead up to your day; not knowing what restrictions will be in place, not knowing whether state borders will be opened, not knowing how many guests you'll be allowed to have or even whether your day will be able to go ahead at all!


It's just been so horrible for everyone. I for one saw my business just about stop overnight back at the end of March which was such a weird feeling, and quite scary. Whilst, at the time of writing this, things are slowly getting back to normal for me (although I don't even want to think about the financial hit the last few month have had on my business), you still never know quite what the rest of this year has in store either. AND, from your perspective, 'how exactly can you even begin to plan a wedding under these conditions?!!!' I really feel for each and every one of you. 


Right from even before the restrictions began earlier in the year, I've felt it's so important for all couples to be aware of what exactly our policy is regarding bookings due to COVID-19 and what happens to your booking if, in the worst case scenario, couples need to postpone their day.

'With everything that's happening, if we can still go ahead with our day, will you STILL be there?'

YES! Even if we all have to wear face masks and cover ourselves in hand sanitiser from head to toe every 10 mins, I will be at your day! As far as I'm concerned its business as usual! If your day is going ahead on your date (and obviously providing I'm not sick myself) I WILL BE THERE!   However, naturally we will need to follow all current government restrictions and social distancing etc and do everything we can to keep everyone safe. The way i take the photos  'may' need to be a bit different, but that doesn't mean though i won't still be able to do what I do and capture your day and all its special moments. 

'What happens if we have to shift our date?'

If a couple get to a point whereby they’d like to (or are forced to) postpone their wedding due to COVID-19, they can do so simply by transferring their booking fee (and all payments) to another available date later in the year or next year (or in subsequent seasons). All package prices are LOCKED in at the price you first booked, so even if your wedding then isn't for a year or two, the price won't increase despite new price lists coming out for those seasons.

If you do decide to postpone,  get in contact with me straight away to discuss a new date and get that locked in as early in that process as possible. I'm telling all couples not to be afraid of even choosing a non Saturday date either, if you need to to make things work for all of your vendors. I do heaps of non Saturday weddings now days, they're quite common, and you'd then get to also take advantage of our 10% discount on all packages for non Saturday weddings. I do however also have plenty of Saturdays still available over the next 18 months so work with me and we can make it happen! AND don't be afraid to even go a May wedding. I find May is usually a gorgeous month for photos and even the weather isn't usually too bad. The autumn leaves for photos are just STUNNING as well!


****** IF HOWEVER a couple decide on a new date where I’m already booked, THE BOOKING FEE IS FORFEITED (as per the nature of the booking fee normally) but all additional payments will be repaid IN FULL. So like i said, get in contact straight away and we can start locking in a new date for you. Don't let COVID break up the team! ;) ******

'What happens if our photographer (me) gets sick and can no longer photograph our wedding ?'

This exact scenario has kept me up at night to be honest as I would hate to ever leave any of my clients in the lurch. HOWEVER, the great news is, that I have very strong working relationships with many of the key wedding photographers in the region and we as a group are currently discussing contingency plans to navigate this exact COVID SCENARIO. As it stands, we would work together to have a professional photographer be able to step in and cover each other's client's weddings.  These are unchartered times for all of us, but know that as professional photographers we are all working together to ensure all our weddings are photographed to the best of our abilities even in these uncertain times. 


So please know,  I will continue to do my absolute best for you, in spite of everything that is happening. 

If you'd like to discuss our COVID-19 policy further with me, please don't hesitate to contact me via email at or phone 0413482120.


Stay safe, 

and stay in touch. 


Kind regards,