Pleased to meet you

​I’ve always been an avid photographer. Even long before getting my own camera as a kid, I’d help myself to dad’s old 35mm Canon SLR at the first sign of a worthy subject or when I’d somehow been able to convince one of my sisters to pose for yet another photo shoot. Growing up on a farm with the close family I have has taught me valuable lessons about celebrating life’s significant moments together and always doing the best I can for others. I guess its only natural then that these would be things I valued in my photography as well.  

I love photography and I love people, so doing photography professionally then for me is a perfect fit.


My real desire as a professional photographer is to understand my client’s photographic hopes and dreams and do everything I can to make them happen.  'Your Family, Your Business, Your Life' isn’t just a nice catchphrase for our business, it’s how I approach my photography, and I'm passionate about it. Whether it be for family portraits, a couple’s wedding day, or a business hoping to capture the imaginations of new customers, it really is all about ‘ their family, their business, their life’, and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to capture these moments for you as well.

Adrian Gale

(APP Professional Photographer)

***Adrian is an Acredited Professional Photographer

with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.