FAQs Frequently asked questions

  1. How many times would you like to meet with us before the day?

  2.  When is full payment required?


  3.  Do you arrange everything with the videographer or do we need to do that?


  4.  On the day, what time do you start the 'getting ready' photos ?

  5.  How much time do you need for photography throughout the day?

  6.  What time do you suggest for our reception to start and when should guests arrive?

  7.  What time do you suggest for the cake cutting at the ceremony?

  8.  What family photos do you suggest for our family photo list?

  9.  We don't feel particularly photogenic or comfortable in front of the camera. Can you help?!

 10.  How do you feel about young children in the bridal party? 

 11.  After the wedding, how long does it take to get everything back? 

 12.  Do you keep a copy of our photos permanently on file as a backup? 

 13.  Can I add more pages to my Bespoke Album? 

 14.  What upgrades are available for our wedding?

  1. How many times would you like to meet with us before the day?

Due to the wonders of email and social media we can discuss a good many things without having to meet face to face until the week of the wedding. I certainly think it is important to have a meeting (both the bride and groom if possible) during this last week as that way everything is finalised and all details are then fresh in our minds leading into the day. It is helpful in terms of 'connecting' with one another (even if via ZOOM) and building a good rapport to get the best photos. I can also have a look at the site of the ceremony and photo locations at this time (if I'm not familiar with them) to get an idea of light and seasonal conditions in the days prior, but even this isn't necessary.


If, however, you'd like to meet earlier, in addition to this main meeting, then feel free to get in contact with me.

Zoom meetings are a great alternative for this main meeting (especially re COVID) as they tend to be quicker, no travel involved and can easily be done in the comfort of your own home of an evening time. INFACT 9 out of 10 meetings i do with clients are now done via ZOOM.

 2.  When is full payment required? 

The booking fee of $500 is required at the time of making the booking to secure the date. The remainder of the package fee payment is required no less than one week before the wedding  but can be made at anytime in the lead up to your day. 

 3.  Do you arrange everything with the videographer or do we need to do that?

You will need to speak individually with your videographer as a separate supplier, even if the videographer is Rob from RT Images who we do a package deal with. We are totally separate businesses and the videographer will need to know their own details from you. I will still liaise with the videographer when I need to, but please treat us as separate suppliers so no communication is missed.


Where possible, it is very helpful to meet with both of us at the same time, on the week of the wedding and this too can be done via zoom.

 4.  On the day, what time do you start the 'getting ready' photos ?

I generally start photographing the girls about an hour or two after they have started hair and makeup. This usually gives enough time for everyone to 'look awake' and to get into the process. It can be later if you prefer. 

 5.  how much time do you need for photography through the day?


Getting Ready 

As a guide, I usually spend about 1.5hrs with the girls to begin with. During this time I photograph hair/makeup and accessories such as dress, jewellery and shoes etc. In your planning please make sure that the bride's hair and make up is being done at this time, if possible. 


This is followed by 1hr with the guys (getting ready and hanging out together photos).


Finally it's back to the girls for about 1.5-2hrs hrs, to finish photographing accessories and the final touches of getting ready, followed by the  bride/bridesmaid photos together. I usually like to finish up to about 15-30mins before the girls need to leave to give myself some time to get to the ceremony. Photos with the parents can be done in the last 15mins of the bride's photography time.

So as a guide for a possible 3pm wedding it might be something like...

10am - Adrian arrives to photograph hair and makeup

11:30am - Adrian leaves for guys

11:45am - arrive at guys for getting ready and hanging out together photos

12:45pm - finish with guys 

1pm - arrive back at girls. Girls will be finishing off lunch and ready to get dressed. Bridesmaids get ready straight away to help bride soon after. Photos of bride + bridesmaids until 2ish

followed by photos with parents and bride.  

2:45pm Adrian heads to ceremony location.

3pm ceremony

Ceremony Time  

Ceremony start times are always a big point of discussion.

Factors that need to be considered include -

  • having enough time for post ceremony photos

  • how much light you have (depending on sunset times) and the best time for photos

  • what time you want the reception to start

  • how long you are happy for your guests to wait after the ceremony, while you have your photos taken. If the reception is at the same location as the ceremony then this is perhaps more important to consider than if the guests can relax at a cafe/bar or their accomodation while they wait.  If they are having to wait at the same location, the longer that wait is, the more expense you may have to pay for drinks and refreshments during this time. 

I'm more than happy to work with whatever ceremony time a couple thinks, however, ceremonies around 1:30pm- 2:30pm (winter) and  2-3pm (summer) do work well for having enough time to get ready in the morning, and also enough time afterwards. Having said this, I've photographed weddings as early as 10am in the morning and as late at 7pm so anything is possible. 

Ceremony length times are governed by you and the celebrant/minister. These can vary between just over 5 mins to well over an 1hr. Somewhere around 15-40mins is ideal, just depends on how personal you want it be and how many reading/songs you want to include. Ceremony length times don't necessarily effect me, I'll just continue to photograph through out.  HOWEVER, over the years I couldn't tell you just how many times i've heard comments in the crowd of 'Hmmph that was quick', or 'hardly worth getting dressed up for it' mumbled through the crowd, with the bride and groom completely oblivious . Sometimes celebrants will even talk couples into super short ceremonies but I think a ceremony that takes the time to celebrate the moment is important. It is after all what is actually being celebrated, your marriage to the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. That's worth celebrating!  Celebrants that actually take the time to share how you met and a couple of quick stories that give guests insight to you as a couple are so much nicer and more enjoyable for guests to be at than a WHAM BAM ceremony with regurgitated cliches and nothing personal.  

Guest group photo and family photos 

Straight after the ceremony is the best time to do a group photo of all of your guests if you would like one, followed by family photos. Family photos usually take about 30mins and they're best done 'at' or 'nearby' the ceremony location. I ask couples to put together a family photo list with each photo they want included. I also ask couples to organise someone to be the official 'Family Group Organiser' & 'List Ticker-off-er' to keep tabs on which photo arrangement we're up to and have the next family group ready to go. Someone with a loud voice and good crowd moving skills in ideal. More details in FAQ 8. 

Bridal Party photos 

After the family photos, I usually allow around 2hrs with the bridal party. I can do them quicker if necessary but it just depends on travel times between locations, how big the bridal party is, and what time the reception starts. (I'm happy to spend a longer time with the bridal party if you'd like too). It is very important to have the bridal party back on time for the reception as this drastically effects the caterers, and the entire timeline for the evening. For this reason we're better to factor a bit more time than is necessary to make sure we're all back in plenty of time. 

One way of reducing this time is to include some sunset photos in a midi reception upgrade. This way, not as much couple photography is required in the afternoon. 

HOWEVER, make sure you DO give me enough time to do these photos at some point. Sometimes i have couples who are only interested in getting back to the reception and are only half 'present'. That doesn't worry me, i'll work with whatever, but i do wonder why they've invested in having me there financially but then are not willing to invest 1.5-2hrs hours and the effort to get the results.   No couple wants to miss out on the socialising of the reception, but its important to keep in mind that I can't give you my best if you don't give me the time or the interest in the photography process to do it. You need to be 100% present, the more you and your bridal party commit to the process, the more fun it is, and  the better the results are! TRUST ME, I've seen it all! Why do some couples have just 'good/great photos' vs some couples who have absolutely 'brilliant' ones (even in challenging light conditions)? 90% of the time its just because of the couple's mindset going in to the day, that's it. Same photographer, best mindset from couple, best results :)

Reception coverage will just depend on which package/upgrade you choose. 

 6.  What time do you suggest for our reception to start and when should our Guests arrive?

Not necessarily photography related but I do get asked this question quite a bit. In terms of start times for the night, your caterer is a great one to speak to about this, however 6:15-6:30pm for the bride and groom to walk is a very popular reception start time and makes good sense. If there's canapés and drinks available beforehand then a guest arrival time of 5:30pm works well, otherwise a 6pm guest arrival time is probably the go. 

 7.  What time do you suggest for the cake cutting at the ceremony?

 If you're planning on including a cake cutting, particularly if you'd like professional photos of it, then I suggest doing it as the very first thing of the night. So the B&G are introduced, they walk in and instead of going to the table like the rest of the bridal party they go straight to the cake. The MC then introduces that you're now going to cut the cake and they're welcome to take photos but just be aware not to get in the way of the professional photographer. 

Doing the cake cutting then does work very well, especially if the cake is being used for dessert as it can then be taken out anytime for cutting up if it needs to be. It also works well if you're only having me there for a 'mini reception'. In this case, the cake cutting  and a quick photo of the B&G with the reception behind them is generally the last photos I take before saying goodbye. 

 8.  What Family photos do you suggest for our family photo list?

I ask couples to write a 'family photo list' prior to the day as this streamlines what can be quite a 'messy' process. A list makes a clear guide for the day and having one of your friends to tick off that list as we go, and organise the next group, helps a lot with crowd control.


I'd suggest keeping this list as short as possible for your sake as family photos can take a long time and even be a bit stressful for couples. After all, you don't want to be totally over photos before the bridal party photos have even started. Keep in mind though, weddings are  one of the few times extended family do get together so its finding a good balance that works for you. 

For family photo list examples see the 'Downloads' page. 


I will also say at this point that I totally understand 'family dynamics'.  We all have 'crazy' family members or interesting family politics to contend with at times, that's part of being a family.  If, however, there is any family situations I should be made aware of, please let me know as I'd hate it inadvertently say the wrong thing. Also, if you notice on the day that I've inadvertently arranged things wrong (ie the wrong couple's standing next to each other), please speak up. I'd hate for you to be forever asking 'why on earth did Adrian arrange those couples like that?' 

Its important that all family members are made aware that they will be required for family photos (where and when).

 9.  We don't feel particularly photogenic or comfortable in front of the camera. Can you help?!

I totally understand this concern! (Why do you think I'm always the one TAKING the photos?! lol).  In fact most people probably feel like this, to varying degrees, leading in to the wedding.


Enjoying your wedding day, celebrating, and just having a heap of fun in the process is what weddings are all about! So don't panic, I'll guide you through the day, and tell you exactly what you need to do, you'll be fine, i promise. In fact many photos you won't even know i'm taking them.  I really want you to love your photos, so I'll do everything I can so you'll not just love the results, but love the process of taking them too. 


From previous experience, even the most reserved couples have said to me at the end of the day "That was no where near as bad as what I thought it was going to be, that was heaps of fun!", and when they got their photos they absolutely loved them too.


Its going to be ok, we'll get through it together ;) 

10.  How do you feel about young children in the bridal party? 

No problems at all. My wife and I have young children and I photograph kids all the time so no dramas from my end, that's completely up to you.   


In weighing up the inclusion of children in the bridal party though, there are some things to consider.

i) Children do get tired and over things very quickly, so don't expect too much of them. For example, they may or may not want to walk down the isle, and that's ok. They may even completely interrupt the ceremony, so as long as you're happy with things not necessarily going to plan, then no problems.  From my experience at weddings, kids are usually very excited until about the ceremony and that's when the wheels can start to fall off! It's ok, kids are kids. I'll try and keep an eye on them during the ceremony and no doubt they'll still do something cute that I will be able to capture. 

ii) I'd recommend considering not having the children go with the bridal party for the afternoon bridal party photos. You could do one bridal party arrangement with the children at the beginning of the family photos  (or just the B&G and the kids),  and then they can go and relax and unwind. This will make things a lot smoother in the afternoon and result in better photos for you as well. 

iii) Consider having someone whose sole job is to be the minder of the children for the morning/day, especially if one or both of the parents are in the bridal party. There's just so many things that bridal party members need to be focused on, it will take a lot of pressure off if they don't have to also still be 'parent' as well. 

 11.  After the wedding, how long does it take to get everything back? 

No doubt after your wedding you'll be as keen as anything to be able to show off your photos to your family and friends. We understand this excitement, that's why we supply a good number (40-60) of  'sneak peak' photos to you within the first few days after your wedding for you to enjoy. These photos are low res and watermarked with our logo to protect them online, however, all of your high resolution images that you will then receive on your USB have no watermark. These images are firstly privately messaged to you and once you've both seen them, we can then send them live to our Facebook page. From there you're welcome to tag friends etc. 


The High RES USB package generally takes about 4-8 weeks, depending on the time of year it is. 

For Thank You Cards the process can be another 3-4 weeks after that  HOWEVER the process can be much much quicker if you decide not to wait to see all the images on USB and just select one of the images from the sneak peaks as your card's main image. In this case, the turnaround for the cards could be as little as a couple of weeks after the ceremony if the card approval process is kept moving .  Please keep in touch with us about this. 

During peak times albums can take up to 6 months but can be much quicker than that. 

 12.  Do you keep a copy of our photos permanently on file as a backup? 

Whilst I do still have a copy of most weddings I have photographed, this is by no way a guarantee of your photos being backed up once you receive them. Before couples receive their photos  I do keep multiple copies to be sure, however, once the USB package has been delivered the onus is on a couple to make multiple copies of their own photos for safety purposes. All devices are susceptible to failure so please remember to BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS! :) For lost USBs, there's a $100 replacement fee. 

 13.  Can I add more pages to my Bespoke Album? 

Yes, you definitely can . When I send through the selection spreads for you to choose what spreads you'd like to include, you are more than welcome to select more than the allocated number of spreads from the photography package. you've chosen. Prices per spread can be found on the  Bespoke Album Production page.

 14.  What upgrades are available for our wedding? 

Besides the usual package inclusions there are a whole host of upgrades that you can include in your package. 

- Engagement shoot  includes High images on USB         $750

- 'MIDI' RECEPTION UPGRADE      First 2 hours                $675

                   $200 per hour after that  (this includes the extra editing as well)

- SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER at ceremony                      $600

- SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER throughout day                  $1500

- DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY  (subject to flight laws)- Ceremony         P.O.A